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BEST Service.  BEST Care.  BEST Value.      
Anytime and Anywhere for 30 years !
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Medical jets, turboprops and cabin class twins arranged at exceptional rates. Insurance accepted..

Techniques, equipment and training


You can only get the BEST air ambulance care by combining the best medical practices, with the state of the art medical equipment and highly trained and experienced medical staff. And, you only get the BEST aero medical travel experience when you add genuine compassion to the mix. At Best Air, we are known for our high standards in all of those categories. And, doing it the right way, the Best way, does not cost any more. Let one of our coordinators discuss how Best Air is the right choice for care, and the BEST choice for value. 

We are a 24/7 air medical company arranging jet air ambulance for families, hospitals and insurance companies. Our medical flights are arranged from anywhere to anywhere, by seasoned professionals with over 25 years experience with international and domestic air ambulance services. Critical care medical flights are intensely demanding technically, and emotionally. Your family patient deserves the BEST Air Ambulance !  We earn our name every day.  

Anywhere, Anytime... One call for peace of mind.


Because Best Air Ambulance uses our 30 year industry relationships, to make one call to us is the only step you need to arrange everything, anywhere in the world, any time you need it. Unmatched service, safety, convenience and value are what has made BEST more than a name. It's how we do business. We can offer any category aircraft, and we have access to thousands of community airports worldwide for ultimate convenience.

In addition to being highly skilled medical clinicians, our medical crews are hand picked and continually reviewed for the customer feedback on their care and professionalism.  Bedside manner counts, especially when patients and families are feeling extraordinary stresses and pressures of the health issues and the medical transfer. Only those getting consistent great reviews earn a permanent position on our team. 


Call us 24/7 to discuss your needs with a seasoned and caring flight coordinator.  Call now for immediate info or fill out the form for a Quote.


For immediate information and peace of mind, call now to speak with one of our experienced and caring flight specialists. + 1 (407) 777-4202

Best Air International Corp and Best Air Ambulance Corp do not operate aircraft for hire and are not direct air carriers. All operations arranged by Best Air Corp are conducted by FAA certified air carriers under FAR Part 135 Regulations, and who maintain full operational control over flights at all times.   Best Air Ambulance Corp does not arrange medical transports that occur entirely within the borders of only one state.

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