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The page is titled About Air Ambulance. But it's really  About YOU. 

BEST AIR AMBULANCE combines over thirty years of quality worldwide air ambulance service experience, with a team made up of the industry's brightest and BEST innovative management.   Best Air President, James Hoehn owned and directed one of the country's busiest and respected global air ambulance providers companies until 2014, when he went to work putting together a top shelf team for the BEST AIR AMBULANCE project, and designing an entirely new concept in air ambulance services that meets the needs of patients, families, and care givers alike. Unlike others, the BEST AIR model puts YOU at the  center of everything we do.


So, we started by asking ourselves what makes an air ambulance experience successful for you. We understand finding, investigating, and arranging an air ambulance mission with no prior knowledge is a daunting responsibility, in extremely stressful circumstances.  Most families have never been faced with this task before.  And, when they need to make good solid decisions for a loved one, they don't know where to start.  "What kind of aircraft do I need?  How much should it cost? Does insurance cover any of it? Do I need a company with special medical qualifications or equipment?  Where do I go for answers?" 

Okay...We hear you.  

BEST AIR AMBULANCE networks with hundreds of top quality, accredited, 

worldwide air ambulance providers, like Alia MedFlight. We use our vast industry knowledge and relationships of thirty years, to connect you with the right aircraft, the right medical team, and at the BEST rate. BEST AIR provides specialists in specific patient areas and diagnosis, from neonatal to critical care seniors, and all medical situations. What makes the BEST AIR experience right for you? We answer your questions. We give you options. We only work with proven providers right for your needs. Most of all, with one call,  we give you peace of mind and the confidence that

you have done the best you can for your loved one.

Quality care, compassion, safety, convenience, comfort are what you need, at rates that are below what you could find any other way.  


                     We earn our name with every trip. 



You can always call us Toll Free +(407) 777-4202.

Best Air International Corp and Best Air Ambulance Corp do not operate aircraft for hire and are not direct air carriers. All operations arranged by Best Air Corp are conducted by FAA certified air carriers under FAR Part 135 Regulations, and who maintain full operational control over flights at all times.   Best Air Ambulance Corp does not arrange medical transports that occur entirely within the borders of only one state.

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