Q Are their any patients that can't be flown by air ambulance?
          There are very few circumstances where a patient cannot be transported. Portable medical  equipment and improved medical techniques combined with modern pharmaceuticals bring high level medicine right into the aircraft. However it is a physician that will determine if a patient is "fit to fly"

Q. Can I bring my own caregiver?
          In most cases a private caregiver is welcome provided there is room enough for any possible medical treatment activity in-flight.

Q. Can I use BEST AIR for an international trip?
          Absolutely. We provide our service between every continent. Only countries or regions that pose a security risk are unavailable. 
Q. Can family ride along?
          In most cases, yes. Patient condition could be a consideration as room is valuable in serious emergencies.

Q. Can I bring my pet?
           Usually. In some cases, regulations or prudent precaution may prevent taking a small (lap) pet.  Each situation is different.

Q. How much luggage can we bring?
            Usually two (maybe three) normal suitcases are okay. A personal item lik a purse or laptop is ON for each person Arrangements can be made to ship overflow.

Q. How do I pay for air ambulance?
              Air ambulance is paid for prior to departure and usually some deposit is made on reservation.  Most all forms of payment are accepted.  With notice most deposits are refundable.

Q. Will Medicare, Medicaid or my insurance pay?
              We hesitate to say no for Medicare or Medicaid, because stranger things have happened. However we strongly advise that you do not depend on either for the for reimbursement. The eligibility requires very specific and often difficult to meet circumstances. Private insurance varies between policies. We can check it out for you and file for your benefits.

Q. Are their any other costs?
              No. With BEST AIR AMBULANCE their are no hidden or surprise costs. Bed to bed means all inclusive to us.  However.... some other companies are different. Be sure to ask.

Q. Can you arrange a medical escort for the airlines?
                Yes, if the patient meets the airline guidelines.

Q. Can you help us locate a hospital bed? 
                 Yes, in many geographical areas including Canada. Often your Hospital Case Manager will assist in the transition arrangements. (Bed finding in Canada may incur an additional charge.) 





Because air ambulance is something seldom considered by most people, there are many common questions. BEST AIR can answer all of your questions as we learn your specific circumstances and needs. Please call us or use our contact form to request additional detailed information.  

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