BEST AIR recognizes that you have an awesome responsibility, through-out the entire care giving process. We consider it our privilege to provide ways for you to best serve your patients and families, while knowing with confidence that you have provided an exhaustive selection of top notch air ambulance providers, that are equipped and trained for specific specialties and patient conditions.  BEST AIR networks with the finest air ambulance providers all over the world. Our industry relationships and buying power allow us to arrange the appropriate provider, at rates not available to others. 









Once we are chosen, we handle all the details.  Flight specialists coordinate all the travel issues from medical considerations to ground transportation.. to what's for lunch on the aircraft. In some cases we can assist with bed finding for the next admitting facility.  We can investigate insurance coverage and file for benefits. We move forward with our philosophy of making it about the patient and the family.  Special requests, comfort, convenience are along side the safety and medical considerations. We reinforce the apprehensions of those involved, and demonstrate what compassionate care really means. 


Full Service is what you can expect. Your patients and families need you. We need you. Put us in your resource file and we will do everything possible to give you exactly what you need.

Once in progress, the medical care giver is kept advised throughout every step of the transport. You are notified every time the patient moves. Ground pick up, aircraft departure, aircraft arrival, patient delivery are all reported to you as they occur with a patient report. We do the same for any family members not accompanying the patient. 

We live in a new age of global mobility. People are moving. Business, pleasure, living relocation, snowbirds, unique treatment needs, or simply family geography are just a handful of reasons patients find themselves somewhere other than where they need to be. Insurance networks, nationalized healthcare in some countries, and medical considerations are some other compelling reasons to move a patient, that for many reasons may be unable to make the trip any other way than by fixed wing (airplane) air ambulance.  In most cases, there is a busy healthcare professional involved in the arrangement process. 

We know the appropriate aero-medical programs for every medical circumstance, and we can get some amazingly low preferred rates for our clients. We are often able to arrange "one way pricing" because we work with so many providers and leverage our volume of transports.  This is all we do. Its a daily action for BEST AIR, so we can help you, while we save you precious time to do some of the other things on your plate.

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