So how does BEST AIR AMBULANCE take the worry out of the medical flight process. And how can they save me money while providing the BEST service that they are known for ?


We are your connection to hundreds of jet air ambulance providers all over the globe. This ensures you get the right aircraft, team and equipment for your needs.


BEST AIR only works with companies of the BEST record of safety and positive outcomes. Our market knowledge and worldwide relationship with the top air medical operators, ensures you will get a great rate.​Our


 We arrange "Bed to Bed" services. Ground transportation is handled by us.

We verify flight records and company insurance coverage for your trip.


Medical teams have 5 years or more of experience.

Physicians and specialists are available.


Nurses and Paramedics are Advanced Life Support Certified.


Our industry leverage gets you very cost conscious rates. 


Only licensed, certified and insured providers .

We will bill your insurance if it covers our services.We put you at the top

of our priorities. Personal service of the highest degree.





Our staff of Medical Flight Specialists has arranged thousands of complex flights around the world. We bring you options and solutions, and the choices you need to rest in confidence that the details are handled. BEST AIR ... When good and better, just aren't enough. 

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Best Air International Corp and Best Air Ambulance Corp do not operate aircraft for hire and are not direct air carriers. All operations arranged by Best Air Corp are conducted by FAA certified air carriers under FAR Part 135 Regulations, and who maintain full operational control over flights at all times.   Best Air Ambulance Corp does not arrange medical transports that occur entirely within the borders of only one state.